Tone Your Creative Core Program 

Gain mastery over the challenges that block you from being the writer of your dreams!

 This revolutionary program helps eliminate the dream killers that block writers and other creatives from realizing their deepest desires. Just like you have to make a conscious choice to tone your core muscles, the same is true about developing the muscles and mindset to reach your creative potential. Receive 4 pre-recorded calls that help you transform your relationship to worthiness, time, money and goal-setting. I bring two decades of experience as an author and coach.

Program begins the week of Jan 10th, 2017!

Why Tone Your Creative Core?

You have everything you need to be your best Writer Self - Tone Your Creative Core brings that all to the surface. Experience the empowerment of knowing yourself as a writer through this powerful program.

Bust Through Universal Creative Blocks!

There are 4 areas that all creative people deal with:


The number one challenge that most writers face is "making time for writing." It's time to think of your writing the same way a top athlete things about training - it's a MUST!

Tone Your Creative Core teaches you how to develop a new and thoughtful relationship with time that leaves you creating 'smackdab' in the middle of your busy life.

Abundance & Prosperity

Writers often struggle with questions of writing for "love or money."

Tone Your Creative Core helps you to identify and transform negative beliefs about money, abundance and work.

Feeling Worthy

Creative people must do the inner emotional work to support the (often) long path to professional success. Anxious and unhelpful self-talk and inner critics often stop us before we can even get to our projects.

Tone Your Creative provides skills and srategies for quieting inner and outer critics so you can get more writing accomplished.

Goal Setting

Ditch making goals that don't align with your dreams. Learn the secret to create goals that speak your heart.

Tone Your Creative Core teaches goal setting from the inside out. Learn how to create tantalizing, provocative and gorgeous goals!

Create with Consistency

For many of us, our creative core is underdeveloped. We're often easily knocked off course, produce inconsistent results and struggle to keep our focus. 


In this program, you'll strengthen a relationship with your Writing Self. You’ll learn how to recognize and conquer your internal and external saboteurs.

Create with Passion

This program teaches you how to: 

  • -sustain momentum 
  • -get unstuck 
  • -approach the page with more ease 
  • -make writing fun again

Create with Purpose and Pleasure

  • -create goals that speak to your heart and are achievable
  • -design new ways to gauge writing progress 
  • -increase you productivity 
  • -get organized 
  • -make writing fun again

What would it feel like to live your writing dreams?

Imagine what your days can be like when you are not blocked on moving forward on your passion. Imagine what it will be like to learn new strategies and techniques to deal with the issues of procrastination, perfectionism, fear and anxiety that keep you from moving forward on your creative projects and life goals.

 You get to decide: Do you want to reach your potential? My program is going to give you support, guidance and choice about how to steer a powerful new life course that will enhance yourself, your work, your friends and family, and the planet.

Join NOW and UNLEASH the Writer in YOU!


Live Group Coaching-The Creator's Start-Up Kit for 2017


On Sunday, January 15th, I will host a LIVE call. I'll be talking about what needs to be in your creativity start-up kit to set you up for success in 2017. I'll talk about how to "hack your brain" to support your creativity. The majority of the call will be me answering YOUR questions. Have questions about publishing, finding motivation, getting past the inner critic? ASK THEM and get helpful answers. I want to support you in dreaming about what you want to accomplish in 2017 and to planning how you will do it.  

Call will take place: Tuesday, January 15th; 7:30-8:30 PM, EST


40 day Affirmation Workbook

1n this workbook, I share 40 powerful affirmations about writing that will inspire and encourage you every time you face the page.


How to Generate Energy for Your Creativity 

I interviewed successful writers, artists and coaches about how to generate more energy for your creativity, even when you don’t feel like it! They share their secret and phenomenal tips. You'll have at your fingertips numerous strategies to combat feeling overwhelmed and just TOO TIRED TO CREATE!

Hear from SARK, Diane Ealy, Eric Maisel, Amanda Owen and more!

Download it to your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player and use them as creativity PICK ME UPS! 

Why Wait? Buy Now!

Set yourself up for writing success in 2017!

  • Four Weeks of Tone Your Creative Core Lessons
  • A Personal Coaching Session with Michele
  • 40 Day Affirmation Workbook
  • Audio file of How to Generate Energy for your Creativity

Meet Michele

Michele Tracy Berger, Ph.D

Michele Tracy Berger is a professor, a creative writer, a creativity coach and a pug-lover.

Her short fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction has appeared, or is forthcoming in Glint, Thing, Flying South, Oracle: Fine Arts Review, Carolina Woman, Trivia: Voices of Feminism, Ms., The Feminist Wire, Western North Carolina Woman, various zines and anthologies. 

In 2013-2014, she was a 'My View' columnist for The Chapel Hill News.

In 2017, her science fiction novella, "Reenu-You" will be published by Book Smugglers Publishing.

Her award winning blog, 'The Practice of Creativity' was featured in Southern Writers Magazine. She teaches workshops on writing and creativity. 


Why Wait? Buy Now!

Set yourself up for writing success in 2017!

  • Four Weeks of Tone Your Creative Core Lessons
  • A Personal Coaching Session with Michele
  • 40 Day Affirmation Workbook
  • Audio file of How to Generate Energy for your Creativity