Work Your Wardrobe

Designer Secrets
to Figure-Flattering Looks
at Any Age
Nov 12 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

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Join this informative & value-packed Live, Online event and you’ll discover:

The #1 trick to feeling fabulous in your clothes
You know how sometimes you put on an outfit, and it just “works”?  
You feel instantly confident and comfortable – radiating from the inside, out – and it becomes your new go-to?

On this event, you’ll discover what about that outfit creates that feeling & how to replicate it intentionally rather than by accident!

▶︎   Why the size label on your clothes often guides you to choose your least flattering option
Do you currently have 3-4 different sizes in your closet? Or do you just grab a “medium” because that’s what you wear?
We’ll show you how to use size labels to your advantage and to let go of the emotion associated with a number.

▶︎   How do you effectively update your wardrobe without breaking the bank?
Does your closet have clothes from 20 years ago? Do you sometimes still wear those pieces because they once were so “you”?
Let us show you how to evaluate your personal style so that you are empowered to buy those 1, 2, or 3 quality,
key pieces that will not only last, but reflect the real you.

"We have to give ourselves the permission to have our own style. For me,  if there's no drama there's no point.

When you wear Stella people will notice you, and they're going to tell you, you look good.

You're not going to look too trendy, you are not going to look over the top, you're going to look elegant - and that gives you confidence."

- Linda Handy

"I LOVE Stella and the way she designs clothes, and when I first saw the clothes on the model I thought - I'm way too curvy to wear that!

Thankfully I was wrong - and I've learned from Stella & Yarra how to put together an outfit that makes me feel beautiful & stylish.

Stella is now a big part of my wardrobe, and I'm more confident than ever!"

- Dori Etter

"I just love wearing Stella Carakasi clothes. You could create your complete wardrobe from this brand alone." 

- Sylvia
Creator of

Live Style Sessions

Ever wonder what a designer would do if they were dressing you? That's what we do here at Stella Carakasi - and we love to show off our fantastic customers in their signature look. 

On Nov 12, we're taking 3 real-world women through style sessions - and sharing it all LIVE, with you!

Discover how to create your own signature looks, and learn how to get your own personal style session for free.

Have you ever experienced this in your own life: 

You're finally loving yourself, your body, and your life -
you are more comfortable & free than ever before. 

And yet - 

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